Your end-to-end outsourced supply chain solution.

Fulex is a proven leader in the industry of fulfillment of client’s merchandise. Whether you have a marketing promotion offering t-shirts, ball caps, and golf balls that have to be kitted, packed and shipped; or you have an on-line store where orders are placed daily, you need someone with the expertise to tailor a program that directly addresses your business environment.

What makes Fulex different?  We listen. We learn. We meet your needs. And, we continually grow and change with you so that our partnership is an evolving one as the marketplace demands.

Fulex since 2003

Our mission is to become the #1 boutique eCommerce fulfillment provider nationwide by providing small to medium size businesses access to the technology, tools, and services that larger companies have at an affordable price. We are here to even the playing field.
Our philosophy is to simplify business and free up our clients time from processes that can be automated.
We promise to provide openness, transparency, simplicity, and free flowing communication as well as agility and flexibility to contribute to your overall business success. We promise to relieve your logistical headaches, so that you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. We are committed to your success and promise to provide personalized care for the needs of your business.

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